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Sup guys,, I wanna open a YouTube gaming channel but I m really stuck with the name. I want something cool like SSSniperwolf but I can't find a cool one!
Please help, 10pts to the best

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francesco: Have you heard of OG Names? OG names are something simple & Names that sound/look really cool. Ill give you names of YTers that i watch that have OG names Just To Give You an idea. "Kiwiz,Hosc,Gandhi,Rain,Adapt,Linkzy,Ind… Short names :). I think they look great & it would look great on your YT channel. Also its 2016 i know mostly everyone uses short names now :).

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upload a video of (someone or something) to the video-sharing website YouTube."Obama's inaugural will be the first to be YouTubed."search for or watch on YouTube.
The Gamer Wolf
what about Tosss3r
Deulofeu Master of Legendary: