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Angel Rasha: Mac

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Angel Rasha:
Personally I like mac simply because it has Imovie which is a great editor that comes free. I also like it because they typically have cameras and are great for HD communication (face time)

While they do have some down sides, depending on what u get a Mac for, some games won't run unfortunately so make sure to double check for that.

Higgy Baby:
Never used Mac….but I would guess its better…..the price and closed shop kill it for most.
I tried Ubuntu back in 2008….since I am not a gamer I didn't lose anything in the switch. Besides a very few specific software apps….windows can not hold a candle to Linux.
I have not had a single software issue with Linux now in nearly 9 years. The only issue I have struggles with in Linux… deciding which distro (OS) I like better. There are at least 2 dozen Linux OS's that are better than any windows ever…..and they are all free.

Which is better?…….Linux. NQA.