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I recently got a refurbished PC that came with Windows 10 Home edition but it only is a 32-bit operating system. I was wondering how to replace the 32-bit with a 64-bit. I'm very new to this and I have no idea what to do. All help will be appreciated.

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Kieren Camp:
Is the refurbished machine a 64 bit machine?

It's likely got a 32 bit windows 10 because it's a 32 bit machine.

Easy way to find out go to crucial memory scan online download and run the little utility see what the maximum amount of ram is that your PC supports if your PC supports 4 gig or more of ram it's a 64 bit machine.

If it supports 3 or less it's A 32 bit machine

First of all, why do you want to replace?

Second of all, those are 2 separate installations. So, you would need to purchase a copy of Windows 10 64-bit and install it. Any programs currently installed to your machine will be lost.

And that's also assuming you have a 64-bit processor. You need to make sure your computer hardware is compatible first. Processor specs should be under This PC (right click) – Properties.

You first need to make sure that it can run the 64 bit version. If it can't, then you can't upgrade. If it can, then you have to buy Windows 8 and then install it. To find out if you are 64-bit capable, click cortana search, in the box type System Information then click the link. Look under system type to see what you have.
Well, the Microsoft have both (32/64-bit) like two different product lines. So, you must buy the Windows 64-bit and install it.
Unfortunately you can't migrate from 32-bit to 64-bit under same licence.
Mr. T:
You have to look up the unit's CPU to see if it will support a 64 bit OS. Likely you have only 2 GB of RAM, which should be upgraded to 4 in order for a 64 bit OS to perform up to your expectations.


Andy T:
Bit change is very distinct from upgrading between versions. Complete and total clean install is needed.
Buy a new copy of Windows and install it.