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I have a small laptop, It is quite old and has windows 7 starter I believe. Is there a way to upgrade it to windows 10? or won't it work? Thanks have a nice day!

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User: If it has the GWX upgrade icon in the notification area you can upgrade, however most laptop with windows 7 starter are netbooks with very basic hardware probably not capable of running windows 10

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its surprising how how small a spec will run 10 – if you publish the make and model number we can advise you for certain
River Euphrates:
Don't do it.

If your computer is having problems, figure out how to fix them – do not upgrade to Win10.

Go to and check it out.
Jay R:
Google"how to reserve Windows 10". The deadline for the free upgrade might have passed. Also, Google "customer reviews of Win. 10" Many people hate it and had plenty of problems. I've decided to not install it.