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I recently installed Windows 7 on my Laptop why does the Windows 7 updates take forever to install.

It's been checking for updates for 3 hours.

Other answer:

It's because you are somewhere around over 200 updates behind and it's trying to download all of them. It has created a bottleneck blockage.

What I recommend you do is just install a few at the time until you get caught up. To do this you go into your windows update settings and change it from what it currently is to "check for updates but let me decide which to download and install" (words to that effect). Then select a handful at a time. Be sure and do the older updates first. What I do is select a handful of the small size ones. I do the larger size ones separately. Just do a few as you have time and eventually you will get them all caught up. It doesn't take forever, but it will feel that way. But your computer is going to time out (which it has already done) trying to install that many at one time.

Then after you get caught up, you can change the windows update settings back to automatic if you want to. Or you can leave it on this setting if you like – which is what I keep my Win 7 computer on. That way I install what I want, when I want.

Memelord Prime:
If you just installed a fresh copy of Windows 7 then you have about 6 years worth of updates or so to do. There's not much you can do about it.
You're getting caught up on 7 years worth of updates!
It is both surprising and suspicious how many Windows 7 user are now having problems with their updates now that Windows 10 has been rejected by the users.

If it is still checking then you got other problems. If they started to install and you are trying to install them all at once then that is another problem too.

If it still checking for updates click cancel and reboot.

The best way to install updates in 7 now is to use manual mode. Go to the control panel and click on Windows updates. In the upper left corner click on change settings. Then change important updates to never check for updates. This puts your updates in the manual mode. Reboot the system. The first update you want to install is the new version of Windows update. I prefer to use the stand alone version.…

Once you have the new Windows update installed then reboot and go back to your control panel. Click on Windows updates and then click check for updates. You should install SP1 if you need it.

Now you want to hide the updates that are going to try to install 10 on your system. Find the update KB 3035583, KB 3095675 and hide them so they do not get installed.

You should also hide these updates KB 3068708 KB 3022345 KB 3075249 KB 3080149 These updates give 7 and 8 the same spying capability as 10 has.

You should also hide these updates KB 2952664 KB 2976978 KB 2977759 KB 3050265 KB 3050267 KB 3068708 These have to do with compatibility with being upgraded to 10 and need to be dealt with.

Now you are ready to install the rest of the updates. Make sure you just install security updates and none of the recommended one for now. There are going to be a lot of them so the best thing is to do them in groups. After you get it installed go thru and pick roughly 50 at a time. Starting with the oldest and working your way thru them. I have seen many system lock up when the user tries to do 200 updates at one time. Once you have your updates installed and the system test OK make an image of the hard drive. This image down the road can become pure life savers for you. Trust me they have saved me many times by having the ability to go back to day one.

If using manual mode does not work then try to fix the problem, use the info on this link first.…

Then read this link to see if it will help if the info above does not help.…

It came out about a decade ago, that's why. There are hundreds of updates.
You're getting caught up on 7 years worth of updates!
It came out about a decade ago, that's why. There are hundreds of updates.
seriously is that true?

Because the last time i installed a fresh copy a couple of weeks ago the updates became a little fast to install it did it straight away.

It takes eight seconds for YAnswers question to open for me to be able to click on [add your answer] box. does this mean my computer is slow??