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Basically I have a Intel Pentium G358 which is according to my pc can handle a 64 bit system but the problem is that my pc keeps saying that: "This application doesnt suit your Computer" when i try to install the 64 bit version.

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It might be a non-compatible 64-bit CPU – some early 64-bit CPU's aren't actually capable of running new versions of 64-bit windows. I have an AMD Turion 64 x 2 that can't run Windows 10 64-bit due to flaws in the early 64-bit chips – it runs 32-bit version fine, although the Turion was released in 2006 the G3258 was released in 2014 so there was quite a big time difference between the two.
it's depend on your pc configuration.
If you are running Win10 32bit, you can't run any 64bit applications.
Dont upgrade your 32 bit OS try to format disk where OS installed and then install the 64 bit OS.
If you plan on using more than 4GB of RAM, then a 64bit OS is required. Your problem is most likely that you currently have a 32bit OS currently installed and you are attempting to "upgrade" to a 64bit OS. You cannot do this. You must do a "clean" install in order to change over to a 64bit OS.
yes, good idea thought the question is so much not at the subject you need help for.
Sum Ting Wong:
apparently you have a 32 bit os
Masim man:
If you are running Win10 32bit, you can't run any 64bit applications.

But if are running Win10 64bit, you can run some 32bit applications.

If you want to upgrade Win10 from 32bit to 64bit, you’ll need to perform a clean install.

If you are trying to install the free upgrade, you can only install the version that matches what is currently running. If you are running a 32 bit version of Win 7 or Win 8.1 you can only install the free upgrade 32 bit version of Win 10. If that is the case, then to get to 64 bit Win 10, you will have to buy the 64 bit version.
yes it is the intel Pentium g3258, but what should i do? I know it is a 64 bit processor but wont let me run it.