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Hello some time ago i bought a Dell PC with a Windows 7 OEM pre-installed. Now I want to reinstall the windows, so I downloaded an ISO installer and used it to make a booting USB drive. I have the licence key on a sticker on my computer. I can use it to reinstall the windows, right?

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Stop! Turn off your computer then restart and immediately begin to push f8 up and down!

You will come to the repair my computer screen hit enter go to the next screen look for Dell recovery at the very bottom! It will reinstall windows 7 brand new! No need to use anything else!

You must use a wired keyboard to f8 in most cases.

But if it's preinstalled so is the recovery system! About 20 minutes and your brand new.

As long as it's the same version of Windows 7, yes, meaning Basic, Professional, Ultimate etc, and as long as its the same Bit version, 32 or 64 bit. Hope this helps
Chances are, no. Unless you got the Win 7 install ISO directly from Dell. Dell keys will not work on non dell install media.

You need to contact dell and have them ship you a DVD. If you complain to them enough, they will usually do it for free.

Ok thanks all for help, I'm gonna do it tomorrow but first I'll check what I am doing.