Will restoring get rid of viruses and hackers!?

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i dont mean to a time period, i mean use a windows disk and completly restore everything, and wipe everything

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see3dee: Yes, if you perform a format before reinstalling Windows everything will be gone, including viruses and malware.

However, there's a possibility that USB storage and other external media, such as network drives etc. have been infected as well. In that case, a virus could spread back into your computer. However I would just perform a virus scan on such devices and then assume everything's good.

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Yes, if its a complete restore and you don't restore from a backup.
the problem with hacking is a virus scan alone is not good enough not nearly good enough. but I have some tools that might work it all depends how bad it is but I wouldn't hurt any thing by trying. I wound do it for free of curse. and it might get rid of it for good. its up to you