Will programming skills be valued in the future?

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Programming is in every facet of life pretty much. How many professions can make that claim? Most don't stretch across multiple disciplines. There will remain a need in society for people to implement programs for new systems. I think the in demand skill set today is machine learning, big data, and AI. If AI can be used for driving cars, just think about all the possibilities that have yet to be created. Seldom do humans win at chess anymore. And AI will probably make inroads into programming, but a savy programmer will always be needed. And if AI is going to be able to write programs, heck anyone with a job will be at risk. The robots are here already and more are coming.
Spock (rhp):
certainly the logic underlying programming will be in demand. bad logic sinks decision makers, and thus anyone who is self-employed or a manager, quickly.

That said, coding detail work is probably a job that has been offshored and is staying off. How can you as a Westerner compete with Indian programmers who work for 1/5th or less what you'd call a decent wage? Only is work that requires the actual person be in the first world country will you have the advantage — and I foresee more and more such programming moving away permanently

if you have a mission critical application then fixing skills are valued.

Shortage skills are valued and cutting edge skills

In the future, no skills will have value because robots will do everything.
none particularly

what will ALWAYS be valued is the ability to design software (i.e what its gonna do and how its gonna do it)

Writing the actual program (the programming) is just following that design

(who is more "desirable" – the person who designs a car? – or the person who puts it together?)

A little bit
Yes if you use them
Only if you use them!
Only if you use them!
christian jude:
timespiral great answer