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I just ordered a AMD FX-8350 w/ Wraith Cooler. My current set up will be:
CPU: AMD FX-8350 8 Core BE 4.0 Ghz/4.2 Turbow/Wraith Cooler
Motherboard: Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 PSU: Rocketfish 500W
Memory DDR3: 7GB

Will the PSU be enough to handle all of this?

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The better Best Buy brand, Rocket Fish is still below average being a Huntkey power supply with spec numbers that are not fully trusted and really should have been a single rail power supply (rather than 18A/18A). It says it's 36A at 12V. An FX-8350 may not improve gaming at all. Only a couple of game engines make use of more than 4 cores of a CPU.
That power supply only has a single 6 pin connector offered.

You should be OK as long as not overclocking the cpu by too much.
The FX 8 cores are all the same cpu other than labeling and pre-test level

It looks like you chose parts in trying so hard to do well, but without the knowledge of AMD vs Intel and details of quality in power supplies and relied on Best Buy.

Your CPU is supposed to be able to handle the upgrade, and on paper can, but keep an eye on any trouble about screen freeze or unexpected immediate power cutoff.

AMD FX-8350 w/ Wraith Cooler = 125 watts
AMD FX-8350 8 Core BE 4.0 Ghz/4.2 Turbow/Wraith Cooler = 125watts

if it handles it now the wattage is the same it should handle it after the upgrade.
sorry misunderstood ……. ad the wattage requirements of the existing components in your system then subtract the current cooler wattage than add the new 125 watts if it is less than 500 watts your good if not you need a psu upgrade. most GPU require 150 watts as average x2 of your sli

It says 7GB in Control Panel>System and Security>System
In CPU ID it also says:
Type- DDR3 Channel #- Dual
Size- 7Gbytes DC Mode- Unganged
NB Frequency- 2009.2 MHz
With just a single GPU, you are quite safe with a 500W PSU. If you were planning on going with an SLI or Crossfire setup, then you would need at least 600W.
It will, but I really don't trust that PSU. Replace it with a name brand before it explodes. http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/id-2…
you dont have 7 GB of ram, fyi