Will dual monitors with one connected by hdmi and one by dvi work?

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need a simple answer very much appreciated.

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Given your information (which was almost nothing), the simple answer is–
depends on the video card or system.
On a laptop, yes, two ports might work at same time. But the laptop screen will not. That is because most laptops have just two video streams.
On a video card in a desktop, maybe. Some cards can do two or more streams, depending on internal circuits. Some cards have 3 or more ports, but can do only two video streams unless you use a (some) Displayport adapter(s). Some cards have an HDMI and a DVI-D port but only one at a time will work.
Most makers of those cards will not publicly admit any limitations because it makes competitors look better.
also RT is wrong… you can use ALL outputs from any number of video cards at the same time (i have 4 monitors on my 680, 1 hdmi, 2 DVI and 1 display port with no issues)
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R T:
If they are on two different video cards (or two different ports of a dual video card), yes it will work. If you only have one video card, then you get one output.
Yes – it will, this is an extension to the question you asked yesterday about your 960.