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I noticed that the side of my MacBook Air is dented. It's not too bad but it does annoy me. Does anyone know if Apple will repair it? And how much would it cost? Thanks for any help.

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Take it to an Apple Store for an estimate to replace the panel. Things like this aren't covered under the Apple warranty, so the fix will be out of your pocket. Figure on at least $200 or more.
Any repair is probably going to cost you $200 or more. I'm guessing more like $300.
No Apple does not undertake such repairs. A local computer repair shop will do it for you. The cost will depend on the amount of work involved. Take it in and ask them.
Taco Dance:
No. They don't repair any physical damage, They just replace things. It will cost a lot to have it done.
A dent is not a "manufacturers defect" unless it came out of the box that way. A dent will be considered "abuse", and you have to pay out of pocket to repair that.
yes around 200
No they won't