Will adding a video card to my computer reduce lag?

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On my computer when I play games I have to play on the lowest setting because I have the on-board video and no video card and it really lags sometimes and I hate playing on bad graphics. Will getting a video card reduce both problems?

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Evan: Yes having a real graphics card instead of onboard well be a lot better in sense of graphics settings plus higher fps(frames per second). It won't reduce internet lag but it will improve your gaming experience.

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yes you should buy a new graphics card according to your budget.That will solve your problem of lagging and if you want to play games in higher settings than dont buy cheap cards.With good graphics card you can play in games high settings
Yes, having a real video card with it's own ram should help a lot.
Yes and no. If this primarily happens in online matches, then no, but it'll help a bit. If it happens always, then yes, a new GPU is best. Onboard video is almost always horrible for gaming.