Will a rollback on my xp desktop rid it of virus?

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Probably not a good idea. The rollback will not be able to be updated because MS no longer supports it. If your rollback point will have service pack 3, you may be okay as far as having a working system. If you roll it back to service pack one or 2, it will become a brick. Just curious, virus is a very manageable, removable happening nowadays, so why risk a rollback. If you run malwarebytes virus and adware removal programs in safe mode, you will be back in business. Most folks think all problems that they experienced on a PC are caused by virus. However, adware and malware such as browser hijackers are often the problem. The most curious think is that many people do not download and install free protection that runs at startup to prevent grief. AT&T and Comcast both provide free protection and Superantivirus and Malwarebytes are free.
If you have being regular image backups of the C: drive, then rolling back to an image taken before the infection occurred will clear it.

Rolling back using a System Restore to a point just before the infection may also work.

Uninstalling updates or service packs will probably do more harm to the system as you may not be able to install them again, and the infection may not be removed.

There are still a number of good number of free anti-virus packages that may remove the virus for you.

I hope this helps.

Higgy Baby:
I seriously doubt it.

You know there are several Linux OS's (distros) available for older computers that look like and work similar to XP. They are just as easy to operate and much simpler to install than any windows.

If you can post the make and model of your old computer….someone can help you find a replacement OS.
Many modern Linux distros run well on those old machines, and they rarely, if ever get a virus. I haven't had a virus since I started with Linux- over 9 years now. In fact……I have not had even one single issue with Linux yet!

Probably not. Malware, particularly in older WIndows versions like XP, is notorious for infecting the restore points to preserve itself. You'll need a rootkit removing antivirus package instead.
♛ CindyBradyTooh ♛:
Try Malwarebytes. It is really good at getting rid of that stuff. I used to use it all the time, before I switched to Linux.

~Cindy! 🙂

Usually, but it depends on how sophisticated the virus is, and what type it is.