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i use a macbook pro and when I connect to my wifi, it says that im connected but when i try to go to a page like google etc, it says theres no internet connection and also "a network change was detected" (google chrome) help pls! Thanks

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"when i try to go to a page…it says theres no internet connection"

Test at Starbucks, where you can be 100% sure the router is working.

If Starbucks network loads a web page, do a hard reset for your home router – use a pen to press in the reset button for 10 seconds on the back of the router. Next, use the router's setup guide to change the default password to whatever you like.

If Starbucks network also fails to load a web page….

– Open a Finder window, and press command 3 (view as columns).
– Go to
and trash each of these files….

Next, go to /Library/Preferences/
Trash com.apple.sharing.firewall.plist
Also, trash com.apple.networkConfig.plist

Next, in a Finder window, press command shift G
and type…
and then click "Go".
Trash two files:


Shut every device with internet off in the house, Then turn off your router for approximately 5 minutes, This will reset your connection. Then try it once more. If any further issues tell me.
Joe P:
It's likely that you're connected to your local network (your router), but your local network is not connected to the internet. You should reboot your modem/router or contact your ISP (your internet service provider).