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I'm perfectly happy with Windows 8.1

It's ONLY problem is the UI, which I consider a minor problem compared to the problems in Windows 10.

Even after a year, Windows 10 feels like a beta software. It forces updates on me without letting me install updates on a planned schedule, and no matter what I do, I

I'm perfectly happy with Windows 8.1

It's ONLY problem is the UI, which I consider a minor problem compared to the problems in Windows 10.

Even after a year, Windows 10 feels like a beta software. It forces updates on me without letting me install updates on a planned schedule, and no matter what I do, I cannot stop telemetry features.

Microsoft's argument about forced updates improving security, is not true in real life scenarios. It's true only in theory. All it will do is prevent a malware from automatically installing itself by exploiting an unpatched OS vulnerability. But in the real like, almost all malware is installed by user error- user executing untrusted .exe files downloaded from the internet. No amount of patching can prevent this. If the user intentionally executes a virus while his antivirus software is disabled, he will get infected, it doesn't matter if he's in Windows 7, 8.1, or 10.

I've tried every tip available on the internet. I've tried one of those 3rd party "Stop Windows 10" applications, I've tried REGEDIT, I've tried Group Policy Editor, but still MS keeps releasing Windows 10 related updates that pass thru all my protective layers and show up in Windows Update. The only fool proof option is to set updates to "notify only", and then manually read the update description for each KB before allowing installation. This is getting quite tedious.
Why's Microsoft being so pushy about Windows 10? I've been using Microsoft products since DOS 6.22, and tis is the first time even Microsoft is acting like a jerk.

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jheel: We are M$. Resistance is futile. Your puters and lappies will adapt to service us. We will add your technology to our own. M$ has announced that Windows is NOT a top priority. Pushing people to use the cloud and mobile has become their main focus now. Now the truth about 10 is coming out

The primary reason now is because M$ total share of the OS market has dropped below 90% for the first time in many many years, down to 88.77%. It has been falling steadily since the release of windows 10. Last month M$ Windows lost a whopping 1.68% of the OS market share. The largest one month loss ever for them. All thanks to Windows 10. That is HUGE and I mean HUGE. Since they have been tracking OS market share M$ has always dominated and has never seen that kind of loss.

To show how bad Windows 10 really is, take a look at the chart below. You can see that 7 dropped roughly 4% of its market share. 10 only rose 1.2%, meaning those who system broke and could not find a 7 system did not run to 10. 8.1 actually gained .3% and the rest went to other OSes. Meaning Vista, 2000, NT, 3.1, various flavors of OS X and Linux grab a big share of those who left 7 and did not and would not use 10. M$ should, but wont see how bad 10 is. The people are speaking with their feet and running away from it as fast as they can.


Houston, we have a problem, the users have found out Windows 10 is spyware and are starting to go back to their original OS.

There is only one way to truly stop 10 from getting on your system and that is to uninstall KB 3035583 and the folder it created or install Never10. People who try the reg trick or any of the other false info out there will end up with 10 installed when their back is turned. See how in answer below.


Windows 10 is failing and M$ is getting more and more desperate to trick and strong arm people into getting it. For example, they changed the Get Windows 10 Free screen so if you click the red x to close the window, that was the same as excepting the installation. Even tho in the past clicking the red x turn it down.

From Toms Hardware

Now, as we near the end of the free upgrade period, Microsoft’s malware-like upgrade system is becoming even more intrusive by autoscheduling upgrades to Windows 10. I noticed that the Windows 10 upgrade reminder pop-up on a Windows 7 PC was no longer asking me to upgrade; instead, it’s now informing me that it has already scheduled an update for May 17.


Other answer:

Yes, and people were perfectly happy with Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 after that. Do you know anyone who still uses either of those on a daily basis? It's objectively better to run the latest version if possible and always has been.

Updates are released the 2nd Tuesday of the month and have been since 2003. If you haven't gotten onboard by now then that's on you. If telemetry is a problem then you need to get off the Internet. The ads you've seen, the links you've clicked, how long you stay on a particular page and where you move your mouse are all being tracked. It's a fact that Windows has had telemetry since Windows Vista (2006) yet only now are people bothered by it. Individual programs, feature phones, and smart phones all have telemetry built in yet no one's crying over that either. It's mind boggling. You know all this too since it seems you've been around awhile. What's your specific complaint about telemetry? Just turn it down to basic and all Microsoft gets are crash reports and security settings.

Requiring updates is a good thing which will eliminate one class of problem but by your reasoning we shouldn't even try because it doesn't fix everything. That's a poor argument and you know it.

Finally, you don't have to do any of that silly nonsense to stop the upgrade. Turn off the GWX (Get Windows 10) notifications and hide the icon.

Right click the taskbar, click Properties, click the Customize button next to where it says Notification area.
Scroll down to GWX and tell it to hide icon and notifications. Click OK. No more nag messages forever. This is why people wrongly think Microsoft is being pushy. They dismiss the messages but then never turn them off so they keep getting nagged.

Turn off recommended updates.

Open Windows Update, go to Choose how Windows updates get installed, then uncheck "Give me recommended updates the same way I receive important updates." The hilarious part here is that users have to turn this one one deliberately. It's not a default.

That's all anyone ever had to do to decline the upgrade.

Edit: Yeah, that's a lot of articles that describe the history of the upgrade process but it doesn't change the facts.

1.) Users must opt-in in to recommended updates to get Windows 10.

For most it has been so long since they turned it on that they've completely forgotten about it. They will blame Microsoft even though they gave permission.

2.) "Pushy" notifications can be turned off permanently.

Yet no one wants to and would rather be nagged for some reason.

Are you a drug user? Seriously?

You can turn off Windows updates entirely if you want or for that matter any Microsoft service!

This is the b.s that spurts out of mouths of people either too stupid to read the simple directions or are just looking to complain about what you got for free!

It's this simple!

Open control panel.

Find administrative tools up top.

Open it.

Choose services.

Scroll down to Windows updates you can turn them completely off or set them Manuel.

Evan create your own check for updates now

If you don't like windows 10 go back to 8.1.

But let me guess you did not follow directions again and create a system image!

Uh how is this Microsofts fault?

Leicester City:
As you think Microsoft is pushy instead of you being pùssy, and yes the Windows 10 isn't suitable only for you, you should burn it down, and go back to use Windows 98 again.
Because $$$$. They want to have us subscribe to their OS, not own a copy, and this is a bridge to get there.
You could switch to Linux.