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For some reason my IP address shows as 32 digit based in Herndon, VA. I am not located in that state, however when I reboot my modem it will show the correct IP address with 9 digits and correct location. My ISP provider is Timewarner cable. Why is this happening?
when rebooting the modem and router the ISP will show the correct 9 digit IP address with correct location but after about 5 minutes it will go back to the 32 digit IP address with location based in Herndon, VA

Best Answer:

Richard: TWC is probably in the process of switching from IPv4 to IPv6 addressing.

The IP location is the location of the particular server that your connection is currently being routed through. TWC will have their own network, and may route your connection over their network for many miles to a particular server of theirs that is providing the connection on to the Internet backbone. The IP address will provide a connection from the Internet to TWC's Internet connection server, and not to your location. The connection is then routed over TWC's private network to reach you.

On some occasions my public IP address was over 150 miles from my actual location.

In the days of dial-up, it was common for an IP address to be to a location regularly over 100 miles away.

Other answer:

That would be an IPV6 address. It depends on how busy the system is when your public IP DHCP lease time expires. If the local server is very busy you might get sent to a more distant one.
What you are seeing is IPV6 versus IPV4. I am not sure how they are determining location, but there are lots of possibilities, such as your ISP main switch location. You can do a tracert to see if it has any corresponding addresses.
Exactly what everyone else is saying, you are seeing a IPV6 vs. IPV4, how do I know? I encountered this issue a while back, and like you, was confused. If you want to see your old IPV4, just google "My IPV4" and one of the recommended sites should have your correct IPV4, and also even tell you more information about your router settings.