Why is yahoo mail Not Secure? How can I make it secure?

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Yahoo was sold last summer. Get another email like Proton Email developed by the scientists at CERN who invented the Internet in the first place.
This email is encrypted, and can only be decrypted by you it even has the ability that someone returning an email to you will still be in encrypted. This is the most high tech security mail going in the world right now
Why are you using Yahoo mail to begin with? If Yahoo mail were a car, it would be the Yugo of the car world. Or the exploding Pinto.

Get a real service for mail. Yahoo sucks.

Everyone's email,sent or received, is stored in their servers and accessible at any time by (really) anybody who wants it,even law enforcement. Be careful what you send and to whom you send it. If you're interested in encrypted email then there is Protonmail,Hushmail,and Virtru. They offer both free and paid versions of their email services.
JK Tech:
You can use PGP, it will encrypt the text portion of your email, but this would require you and the receiver to have each other's public keys.