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At Sams club I saw windows 10 computers that are $1298.99 that is so crazy. Why is windows 10 so expensive?

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Zack: Why is that expensive? You can pay up to $4000, or as little as $70. All depends on the hardware of the device! The software cost of Windows 10 is miniscule compared to the hardware. A large touch screen is expensive. A small non-touch screen is much cheaper. A fast CPU is expensive. Lots of memory to allow you to run lots of programs is expensive. ALL depends what YOU want in a computer.

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Windows 10 is only $120 retail. It's the computer that is expensive and not Win 10 !!!
Higgy Baby:
I can assure you that there was something else on this computer besides windows 10 that made it cost that much. It may have been a gaming computer with fast cpu, good graphics and a lot of ram.
You can buy a new computer with windows 10 on it starting at-$99.
Windows 10 costs around $100 to $200 depending on the version. The rest of the quoted price covers the cost of the computer.
you can get a win 10 for under $300 but the one you are looking at, has much better components