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My dad bought me a storage drive, needed another. But he made the mistake of buying a seagate. Had I known I would have stopped him, it's the first seagate ive had in 10 years and it makes a nice brick that cannot power up.
Lmao no im getting it returned and getting a WD

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Some of their drives perform rather well and are reliable but they have other lines and models of drives that are worthless. Best thing to do is read product reviews to see if a particular drive is a known dud.


I bough three 500gb Seagate drives in 2009 and all 3 died last year, one right after another. Then again, I've had a couple 500gb WD black drives and a 1TB Samsung Spinpoint drive fail after a few years. I have another Seagate 2tb enterprise drive that's lasted a long time and it's still running.

Oddly enough, the first drive I bought when I started building computers in 2008, a 750gb WD Black drive is still running.

What people don't tell you is about shipping and handling the drives. UPS used to be rather bad about dropping packages. If this happens either the drive would be DOA or last a very short amount of time.

They are still in business because they make solid hardware. Go look at reviews for External HD's, you'll see Seagate mentioned more than WD, and with higher scores..

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For the last couple of years I've been trying to switch from those old drives to solid state drives… have already purchased 3 Transcend solid state drives and they have been much more reliable and recently have become more affordable… they are also lighter and faster than those old drives… they are basically large USB drives.
Lol! Yup I've had my hard luck with them 5 years warranty if you mail it off to them
If it is still under warranty get it replaced.