Why is my wireless speed capped at 90 mbps?

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I have the TP-Link 1043nd. I recently upgraded my internet speed from my ISP from 90 mbps to 170 mbps. When I use a hardline connection from the router to my laptop, I see 170, but when I switch to wireless it is still capped at 90 mbps. The wireless says it goes to 450 mbps, so why am I not getting 170 over wireless?
How can I tell if it is a limitation of my laptop's network adapter or the router itself? Can someone recommend a router that can give me 170mbps over wifi?

Best Answer:

Dave: When a wireless router claims it can go 450mpbs, that is ONLY referring to client to router transfer speed. NOT client to internet.

That router maxes out at 90mpbs for client to internet speeds over wifi.

Other answer:

What speed is your adapter for wifi? It takes both ends being capable of the 450mbs very few wifi adapters are that speed. Just because the router is capable does not mean your computer is capable.

PS… wired will always be faster than wifi since wifi is 1/2 duplex and ethernet is full duplex and wifi takes overhead (SSID, Password, encryption, etc) that ethernet does not use.

because your wifi adapter on your laptop or computer is not 5ghz. you are recieving the 2.4 ghz signal. My internet is wireless and i get 100 mbps speeds.