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So recently my wifi has been running slow on everything, making it hard to watch movies or play online games or even download something. We had it replaced with a new box or something and I now use an Ethernet cord for my xbox and laptop, but the wifi is stil slow. What can I do to make it faster?

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wifi – connection for wireless devices.
if you say you are connected with an ethernet cable then you are not using wifi but regular broadband / dsl which shouldnt be slow unless other devices on your network are using the internet all at the same time with you.
Try disconnecting your other devices, if after doing that it remains slow then you should contact your Internet Service Provider. They would know if its a software or hardware problem, Im very sure they can help you better than we can
If you are using an Ethernet cord, then you are NOT using WiFi! Or do you mean you are now using Ethernet for the Xbox, but something else is still using WiFi and that is slow? If so, what other devices are you using??

WiFi is only between your device and the router. After that, any connection to the Internet (and your online games) is thru the router, its connection to the modem, its connection to your broadband, your broadband (how much do you pay / get), your ISP, their connection to the Internet (how many other subscribers do they have), the Internet in your area, the server you are connecting to (how far away is it?).

So changing your router (I presume that is what the new box is) hardly changes anything in that path!!

If you have multiple devices connected at the same time and hogging bandwidth. You need to login to you Router Setup and check how many devices are registered or using your bandwidth. Latest WiFi Routers can even show you the CPU, RAM, etc information of the router.

You might need to upgrade your WiFi Router……See the Link below for Best Price Deals Wifi Routers.


It would help if you said which box changed – modem, router or a combined modem/router. Your question should have included the make and model of the "new box".

Log on to the router and try changing its wireless channel to see if others work better. Assuming you are talking about 2.4 GHz operation, also check that it is enabled for 802.11n operation. Some routers allow you to select 802.11bg only or even 802.11b only, which is even worse.

Turn off all your WiFi devices, then try each one on its own to see if one is slowing the network. One device that is slow may drop the speed for the entire network.

If Ethernet speeds are good, then the problem is nothing to do with the actual ISP connection.

I hope you find the problem.

Take a peek into your wifi ( I can see on my netgear wifi / router all devices that are connected )…see if your neighbors are using your wifi…..
The more devices you use, the slower your internet goes.