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I bought a wifi booster and compared my detailed network statistics before and after turning it on and the statistics looked much improved yet when I played Xbox it lagged and was worse with the booster. Anyone know why?

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a WiFi booster doesn't do much if your overall internet speed is slow. you can only get max download / upload speed, and a booster won't go over it with out penalties by your internet provider. give yours a call to see what other options they have to get faster speed.

otherwise, try resetting your router, unplug it for 30 seconds and plug it in. turn your console on / off. Xbox Live could just be slow overall with the holiday season. and it's a weekend.

try different games too. some online games maybe more overloaded than others.

Any booster is also a repeater, meaning it slows down the traffic (bandwidth is less). Your signal may be stronger, and less drop outs and errors, but the speed will be almost 1/2 of the speed without the booster (assuming same signal strength).
You have to give up something to get something else. You got a better signal at the expense of bandwidth.
Stats are snapshots of the time of tests, does nor reflect real life usage.
You can try the following :
Fixed the channel number
Use a less congested channel
is any service providers sell good and bad internet?
Bill P:
A booster increases the availability of the signal in your property, but it does not increase the download speed from your ISP to the modem.