Why is it taking so long to delete my temporary files in windows 10?

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ok so I'm deleting my temp files on windows 10 and it taking hours! its already been 2 hours. is something wrong or is that normal. also the files are 6.02 gb so that might be the reason? thank you and any awnswers are apreciated

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Anthony: I've found its a problem deleting files in bulk, its faster if you do them a few at a time. But temp files should be automatically deleted on shutdown, so see if you can cancel then reboot.

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Unless you've got a ton of massive sized files in there, or a really really slow cpu, it shouldn't take that long. I've never seen this particular process take more than 15 or 20 min tops. If it's been going on for hours your computer very likely has timed out…but remember we have no way of knowing for sure because we can't see what size or number of files you have. But on the norm, no, it does not take this long.
Is this the first time you've cleaned the file ?? Is the little blue circle moving ?? Check your task manager and see if your system is still moving … I clean mine every day, and it still takes several minutes to do it even that often, so it's not a quick process. Get in the habit maybe of cleaning it every night….
It shouldn't take that long, but depends on your processor and memory, plus the amount of files. See if you can access your Event Viewer, it will tell you if there's some error that's causing it.
Sometimes computers slow down over time, so if your computer is very old, then chances are its the R.A.M getting old. If not old, I'm not sure. Are you using a laptop, and it new or old?