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If you are wanting to reinstall windows 7 and you no longer have the DVD/recovery disk you can download another copy from the Microsoft site provide you have a retail activation key. For an OEM key where windows was preinstalled you are directed to the supplier or manufacturer of the computer. If the supplier is not available your only alternative is to buy windows 7 pro with a valid key – these are still available of ebay but are becoming harder to find
Because you don't know how to? Or you do know how to but it is not working?
Where are you trying to download it from? If not from www.microsoft.com, then it could be full of viruses and malware which is blocking the download.
What are you trying to download it on? And to what?
Windows 10 is better
Laurence I:
if you do a search for win 7 iso on google docs i am sure you can pick any number of different copies of it for download. so long as you have a valid licence then you can install it that way.