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Why does my web browser keep disappearing from my taskbar? Windows 10, firefox. This has happened with loads of other O/S too. I have always wondered why it does this. Have to keep dragging the web browser back to the taskbar after every restart
Scanned with both housecall and avast, no issues detected. Firewall is on, defender is on, everything is up-to-date on PC. Computer is shut down normally but has frozen on password prompt before leading to me having to hard reset

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How are you shutting off your computer? Only thing we know for sure is that your computer isn't saving the changes. That can be for many reasons like a corrupt system file or even a program that is doing it.

It's hard to say without much further information, but I would recommend you scan your computer for any viruses or malware. Also make sure you properly shut down your computer or restart using the command from your start menu.

It is becaose of an adware which is corrupting your registries.
Because it hates you, take a hint.
Are you " locking " the taskbar???…..right click on task bar…you'll find out….