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When I start Steam, it says that it requires an internet connection in order to update. And similarly, when I start AIM messenger, it says that I don't have an internet connection. I guess the problems are related somehow, but I don't know how or why

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some programs that are dysfunctional because they can not access the Internet. When they try, they display various error messages indicating there is no Internet connection. I know for a fact that there is a working Internet connection because things like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Windows Update, etc. connect normally.
I do have internet, since I'm writing here and all. But how would an application be told that internet is avaliable? This is a problem I've never ran into before
It could be a firewall or an DNS problem. Check your Norton's settings and also the network settings.
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If you dont have an internet connection, how can u get here?
Your machine is not connect to the web?

Or the application needs to be told that the web is available and the name of the home hun or its IP address.

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