Why does my Processor run so slow? Can someone please explain why and what I can do to improve/ upgrade to?…?

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I am currently running AMD FX(tm) 4130 quad core processor 3.80 GHz and I get a really high cpu usage. I struggle with fps drops, while playing games like Overwatch.

(Other Specs- EVGA GTX 1060 6GB , 16 GB ram (Kingston hyper-x)DDR3 ,Motherboard 760GM-P34(FX))

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Random: The processor is terrible. If you just want to replace the processor, get an AMD FX-8350. By far the better (but also more expensive) option would be to pick up an Intel i5-6500, H110 motherboard, and DDR4 RAM.

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it is unclear as to how you know you have high cpu usage, and exactly when and how long this happens for. there are many many programs that cause interference with one another or the system, resulting in an immediate jump to a 50% cpu usage.when playing a game, or doing intensive work such as video editing, both of which lock up the system with data transfers to the video system, then it is important to shutdown/close all unwanted running programs. the way you usually do this is to use a separate USER login just for games/video work. you then change the settings to suit, and if necessary close out all runninf software. typical interference occurs for any software that HOOKS into the system especially relating to removable media(cd's dvd's). so its really important to close/stop any dvd scanning software from cd writing programs. there used to be a program called enditall which did the job in the early days of video editing. you should try it. once you have trashed all the rubbish then you can actually see if the game/cpu usage is at a sensible amount or not.
Yousuf Khan:
Sudden program slow downs and high CPU usage are usually signs of background processes running, maybe even unwanted background processes, like malware. You could try running anti-malware programs like MalwareBytes, and various antivirus programs too. But often the easiest way fix it is to do complete reinstall of the operating system.

Reinstalling the OS, unfortunately results in everything on the hard drive being erased, so you will want to have backups beforehand.

You are essentially running a processor as fast as an intel pentium you might want a new CPU like the fx6300 which is like the intel i3
fps drops cos of graphic card .update drivers