Why does my mainframe computer have to take up 3 rooms?

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I've had to knock out 2 walls to make room for this thing! When will someone invent a smaller computer??

Best Answer:

roger: Did you buy a used vacuum tube main frame from the '50's?
they use a lot of electricity…

Trade it in on a smart phone they have much more computing power and use less space and electricity…

Other answer:

An IBM z10 only takes up 16 square feet (about 3 x 5') but needs space around it. so it would fit in a 6 x 7' room.

The auxiliary equipment (mostly disk drives) can be in adjacent room. You wouldn't have to break down the walls.

Seriously, you really expect us to believe you have a computer that big? We are not idiots, but apparently… Get your computer out of your doll house and it will not take up 3 rooms! Maybe you should grow up and quit playing with dolls and get a life!

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No one in a home environment has a huge mainframe system. The power requirements alone would make it impossible.
Are you exaggerating? It seems like you are. . .
please tell me your secrets – how did you time travel back to the 1990's and get that massive mainframe pc, please I really wanna know!