Why does my internet lag when im on ps4 and the xbox is being used for movies?

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my ping is 30, my download speed is 55mbps and my download is 10mbps. Ive called my service provider and theyve reset the line and it still lags the thing is its only on ps4 it lags i can play cs go on my pc and it wont lag or jitter why is this

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Richard: Your ping at 30 ms is reasonable and so are your download and upload speeds of 55 and 10 Mbps respectively, or they would be if you used the correct units. mbps, which you used is literally a billion times slower than the correct units – Mbps. 'm' stands for milli while 'M' stands for Mega.

My guess is that you are using WiFi connections. No serious online gamer would choose WiFi, which is a shared half-duplex interface supporting just one packet at a time across all devices that are using it.

Ethernet is a full duplex interface meaning that it supports the simultaneous transfer of packets to and from the router. In addition, Ethernet cables can carry data at the same time as other Ethernet cables and do not have to wait for a gap when all the other Ethernet devices are idle.

With WiFi, if two devices start a transfer at the same time, their transmissions will corrupt each other and packets will be lost. Only when the transmissions finish can the network be used again and retransmission of corrupted packets take place. WiFi is also sharing the transmission medium – the wireless channels – with other nearby networks. If two networks are operating less than 4 channels apart, then they can mutually interfere with each other. A final problem with WiFi is that speed drops quite dramatically as distance increases.

If you are gaming over WiFi, switch to using Ethernet connections. If necessary use Powerline network adapters such as


if you cannot run cables directly between the router and the PS4 or Xbox.

I hope this solves your problems.

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Is this wireless? If so, that can explain all of it, wireless is unreliable, especially if any other device is using it at the same time. Add onto that local interference, weak signals, drivers, and a bunch of other things, and one can see that any serious gaming should be over a wired connection.
The other issue with wireless is that the closest device (strongest signal) will get most of the priority over other wireless devices farther away.
If you have a heavy user on wired, they too may take priority over any wireless device (they can pump more network packets than wifi)
The type of wireless mode can make a difference. G mode is only about 21Mbps for a realtime user rate. N mode is faster, better for gaming. 5Ghz channel will give bigger bandwidth, but at a reduced range, and has less interference issues than the 2.4Ghz band.
The list goes on and on….

If playing wired, then check the network drivers. Try a different cable and different router port.

This will involve a lot of assuming, So your ps4 requires faster internet and your xbox is fore streaming, your internet relies on the two speeds and one is full so the other is laggnig
I'm going to assume the PS4 and Xbox are both wireless and the PC is wired?

Your router sucks, and can't handle the traffic (on the wifi side). You need a better router.