Why does my ADSL 2+ landline download speed fall from about 309 KB/s (not good but usable) to less than 15 KB/s at EXACTLY 8 am See Update?

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It does not gradually slow down just before 8 am or afterward, as others come online, the drop is exactly at 8 am. I paid the bill less than a week ago.

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Brigalow Bloke: Well; at a guess, something's set to trip at 8am 🙂

I assume you have checked the Router itself ??? (some 'reset' themselves automatically at midnight – they will have a setting somewhere – and maybe your kids changed that to 8 am ???)

Next, maybe one of your 'smart' devices is set to 'wake up' at 8am (and is upsetting your internet router) – for example older Sky Box's will 'phone home' on the 'analogue' (phone modem) wires which, if the 'splitter' is missing, will really trash your internet coinnection

Or is it some more mechanical timer (or human) that turns on the central heating / air-con / teasmaid / kettle / oven / microwave causing a power drop / interferrence perhaps ?

If nothing obvious is found, you will have to investigate further == do you get the same effect at the weekend ? if not, look for something that's work related … (the electronic ignition system of a modern car, if not working correctly, can cause real inteferrence)

After eliminating all the obvious you will have to ask your ISP for help

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Brigalow Bloke:
The better question is why are you getting only around 3 Mbps over an ADSL2+ connection. I say 3 Mbps as this approximately equates to 300 kBps (not 300 KBps). ADSL2+ should be giving you speeds more in the region of 20 Mbps or higher.

However, since you quote units in KB/s, by which I assume you mean kilobytes/second, is this the speed you are seeing when performing a download from a specific site? If so, this might be the speed that the site is supplying the download and not the speed that your connection is working at. Downloads of actual files tend to work in bytes, while speed tests at site such as http://www.speedtest.net work in bits or more accurately Megabits (Mbps).

If you have not already run a speed test using this service try this before you go any further. If your speed is genuinely around 300 kBps (3 Mbps), then talk to your ISP.

Finally, always use an Ethernet connected computer to measure speeds, and for ADSL2+ services, it should be an Ethernet connection of 100 Mbps (or 1000 Mbps). WiFi can suffer many other problems that makes the WiFi connection slow even though your ISP connection is working at much higher speeds.

Your service has a contention sharing system. When the service is busy, they take a part of everyone's bandwidth to keep the service running. On a high contention rate (could be 50 people or sometimes more) you lose a LOT of bandwidth. That is probably the peak time in your area.
Christmas Yoshi:
Hi Brigalow Bloke,

your internet connection speeds will depend on how many people are connected to your home network, contention sharing system, type of hardware, software configuration, distance to local exchange unit, and how congested the exchange unit is. If all else fails, try cable broadband.