Why do some people say Microsoft Windows is not that good?

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Compared with other operating systems?

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Superdude: Because it is not – though it has gotten better in the last couple of years… still too many vulnerabilities. The very things that make it "good" for many end-users are vectors for all sorts of malware most other OSs don't need to deal with.

To require a user to drop to a command line interface for a couple of very basic items that other OSs use GUIs for is another example.

Allowing an "open" programming environment is good – all the way up until one application developer uses "ctrl-p" (example only) for something other than printing makes the end user experience more confusing than it needs to be.

Control panel items' behavior of mouse scrolling, selects and changing options differs by control panel item. This inconsistent interface makes the end user experience more confusing than it needs to be.

Managing Windows machines is more expensive. Many have known this for a long time – IBM finally made it public.
In case you did not know, IBM made PCs for a long time and sold that division – we know them now as "Lenovo".

In a previous life I was an IT manager responsible for the computers, printers, internet connectivity, shared services (file & email servers), LAN & WAN connectivity and lots more – with a staff of 7… for ~500 Windows and ~500 Macs for our end users. Initially, 3 of the IT staff were Windows-centric and 3 were Mac-centric. All had either network or file server experience, to. The remaining staff person was our "network admin" and focused on the servers + LAN/WAN items.

Within six months, the Windows-focused IT folks were overworked – and the Mac folks had time enough to get cross trained to bail them out. Everyone has said that Macs are more expensive than Windows computers… to buy. When a name-brand computer is purchased (we use HP and Dell), we learned that similarly configured computers are about the same price. I agree that making your own computer from common off the shelf parts can make Windows machines less expensive – but this is challenging to do at volume (we had some of these – mostly in the computer rooms as file and mail servers). We learned the hard way that the life-cycle costs were a lot less over the useful life of the computer. Net-net was the Macs were – and continue to be – less expensive, contrary to what had been the popular claim… especially when one considers the support staff, malware threats, user interface/training and stability difference of just these two OSs.

One of the reasons I moved out of my IT manager job is that there were too many out there more willing to put effort into buying more (problematic) Windows machines for job security rather than easier to support, less expensive, more secure, "other platforms" that could advance the company.

Ultimately, it is probably a good idea to have a diverse population of Operating Systems for end users. This diversity allows resiliency from bad things. When my current work issued Windows machine blue-screens, locks-up or is otherwise busy for some reason, I can use my personal Mac to continue working. While my Mac is rendering video or doing other CPU-intensive activities, I can use the Windows machine to do work-related work and let all available CPU time on the Mac process the render…

Other answer:

Windows is fast earning a reputation for repeated breakdowns caused by unwanted updates! This really angers slot of people.

The push is on to dump windows and install Linux or its sister Android!. Mac is far to complicated to be popular.

Windows 7 the best one they ever made is being replaced by real junk in my opinion.

Yall WinDoze need to switch to Ubuntu Linux. ZERO virus have have my Linux computer since I've been using Linux over the past 6 years.
Microsoft windows are good because
1)this has a free windows 10 upgrade
2)it comes in budget

Read this and say-

•Customizable Start experience.
•Refreshed icons and graphics
•Integration with Microsoft's digital assistant – Cortana, can be used for finding and retrieving information on the Internet and your PC, such as files. You can also use it to control applications such as the Music Player and prepare an email message or track a package.
•Task View for managing applications using multiple desktops.
•Modern apps can now be windowed and behave just like desktop apps.
•Notification Center for centralized management of notifications and quick access to PC settings.
•Universal applications that work not only on your Windows 10 PC, but also your mobile phone running Windows 10 and also XBOX One.
•XBOX App for Streaming of live games to a PC or Tablet
•Touch optimized Office applications (Word, Excel, Outlook, OneNote and PowerPoint). Providing the power of Office on devices with touch support. Users can edit, prepare documents, spreadsheets and presentations with full document fidelity regardless of device.
•Continuum Mode – if you own a 2 in 1 form factor that works both as a laptop and tablet, you can easily let Windows 10 decide the best environment for you. Once detached into Tablet mode for instance, you can work in a more touch optimized user interface. Users will also be able to remotely use Windows 10 Mobile apps on their Windows PCs.
•Microsoft Edge – Windows 10 will include a next generation web browser called Edge that support advances in Windows 10 such as Cortana for finding information on the web, Annotation, PDF support, superior reading experience.
•Music and playlist integration in OneDrive.
•Unified messaging using Skype Integration
•Windows Hello and Passport for personalized authentication without the use of passwords.
•Device Guard for protecting devices against malicious applications.
•Support for media formats such as FLAC and MKV
check out these too on youtube category- motivation 4th one is more useful

If those "people" are mac-users, go tell them to beat off a horse. I'm user of Windows and Mac and windows is better.
Because they are comparing what they know about (e.g. Windows 95) with a modern MacOS.
windows is the most popular and reliable OS in the world. but some people like to be different and use other operating systems. or they feel windows doesn't suit them for some reason
Posh Dosh:
Because, it's not that good compared to other operating systems.
They are welcome to their opinion regardless of how wrong it is.