Why do people have 64bit windows?

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– 32bit is said to be faster bcz its requirements are less
– and almost all the softwares are also available in 32bit

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Whomever told you 32 bit is faster doesn't know much about how computers work. A way to think of the bits are traffic lanes on a highway. You are going to be able to send more cars (Information) on an 8 lane road vs a 4 lane one. And a 32 bit system doesn't require less hardware, it's capable of utilizing less hardware. This means there is a limit on the power and speed of the system. A 32 bit system can only address 4GB of memory at max, a 64 bit system can address 16 exabytes. Uswing your logic once more this means that the 16 bit systems from the 80 and early 90s where even faster, only needing a max of 64kb of ram.
Because being limited to under 4Gb of memory is very limiting these days.
64-bit Windows with its signed driver security model is also MUCH more secure and safe than 32-bit.
Who said 32 bit is faster? That is incorrect.

Software is irrelevant, it all runs on 64 bit.

That's bizarre logic. I don't know what to say to you.