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Lane: is an internal address in the actual PC, so it always responds to pings regardless if you are even connected to the router/modem.
If you cannot ping the router on your local LAN, then there is something wrong with your local network setup on the PC itself. Recheck the connections, always use a wired connection to test things before going to wireless…
You are only pinging your own machine using loop-back. Pinging any other device requires a working network which your machine does not. It also requires that device to allow ping.
What address are you using to ping the router?

If you are trying to ping your public address, then many routers do not respond to pings on that address.

First why you are pinging router. For lan connection or for internet
David E:
Loop-back is on your local computer.
Router is on your local network.

Your results mean that packets are not getting out your network interface card (NIC)
Examine the setup/drivers for your NIC.