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In terms of quality, cooling, and durability.

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Jason: I have a Dell Inspiron that I bought 6 years ago and it's still going strong. Never a problem with it. I also bought a Lenovo G50 last year it has more processing power for my work online. It's been pretty good too although a few glitches with Win10 and the screen not waking up after going to sleep, so after a lot of searching around for solutions that didn't work I ended up upgrading the bios and it fixed it. I'm typing this on the Lenovo FYI.

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"makes", as in manufacture?
MSI,Gigabyte, and I believe some Thinkpad, and the top end of HP are manufactured by the brand label on them.

Apple is made by Foxconn and Quanta
Compal, Quanta, Wistron, Inventec, Clevo, Pegatron, Foxconn design and produce laptops.

Price is a better indicator than brand name.
Within each brand can be sub-brands.

It depends what you want to use the laptop for.
Apple are good, but not good for $1500 or more.
Lenovo Thinkpad are usually good.

Brand name is mostly for people too lazy to research reviews.
The reviews tell you the most, along with performance.

I bought a $250 Toshiba, working fine. Toshiba is a label. That didn't have much to do with this laptop.

Robert J:
Apple have consistently got the top results for reliability in consumer-grade computers, for several years in a row now.

The single most reliable make overall is Panasonic, though they are not sold as consumer machines. eg. a CF-31 is literally near indestructible and will likely last decades.
The fully rugged toughbook series have the lowest failure rate of any laptop made.

I have a CF-30 and a CF-19; both around eight years old and both like new despite lots of hard use.
(Each bought at around two years old; I can't afford the new prices!)

Quality – is beyond compare.
Cooling – The whole body acts as a heatsink, there is no internal airflow – they are waterproof.
Durability – Get it dirty, you can put it under a tap to wash it off. Drop it and nothing much happens (unless it lands on your foot…)

I'm using Dell laptop for about 6 years without any problem. So I think this brand is a good choice.
As in functionality, Sager, Gigabyte, msi,

If you JUST HAVE to get an macbook just remember youre paying 3x as much for a computer with lower tier hardware (basically what determines its horse power)[processor,gpu,ram] for the benefit of getting a simple computer anyone can use. (I recommend taking the time to learn to properly use a PC) as you'll get to the point where you'll want to do something the Mac Os cannot do. Anything the Macbook can do that your Pc cannot, is also already on your iPhone.

Md.mosharaf Hossain:
I have been using ACER laptop since 6 years with comfort. But I think ASUS is the better then ACER besides this Gigabyte, HP are also best.
Ahad Arzi:
Am using lenovo z51 laptop more than 1 year.Really i like this product very mucb.Nowadays, lenovo they supplying very best quality laptops extremely at budget friendly price..

Better hou should choose lenovo..

Jiraiya The Gallant:
Dell, Asus, Toshiba make good laptops