Which programming language do you hate?

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And which do you love?

Best Answer:

Hi: Every language has quirks that I wish would get fixed. It's frustrating when a new version comes out and they added things that seem useless to me but the things that annoy me remain.

In Python, you can have

myString = "abcdef"
print (myString [2])

will display

But we cannot change that using
myString [2] = "X"

as can be done in some other languages.

It's clear what is wanted and the programmer can use other ways to get
it done. The compiler should just do those things behind the scenes.

Other answer:

Programming languages are NOT a target for emotions. You cannot love OR hate a programming language. That would be like asking, "Which do you hate, "A=A+1" or "A++". Those are two different ways to code the same thing, so how do you "hate" one or the other, or love one or the other?
Ivy ♥:
I hate no programming language as they all serve a purpose & are useful depending what you want to make 🙂
I have C programming language.
What difference would that make?
APL is not one of my favourites