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~AMD A6-6400K – 3.90GHz dual-core
~AMD A4-7300 – 3.80GHz dual-core

i tested them on cpuboss.com and it said the AMD A4-7300 is better but i wanted to have a second opinion.

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Robert J:
The A6 is fractionally faster.

They are both low performance integrated CPU + GPU (APU) chips for economy machines.
OK for basic web browsing, word processing and email, but not much else.
None of the AMD A-series CPUs or socket FM/FM2 motherboards are suitable for gaming machines.

The Passmark scores for both are in the 2200 range.

By comparison, an AMD FX-8350 scores around 9,000

(The A4 probably wins on cpuboss due to it being cheap).

They are AMD processors….I mean …..come on…if this A4 will work with your mobo and do what you need….then …..do it…..

Not knowing what you are wanting to do with such a processor…….some games may spec the A6

What's really wrong with both of them is that they are "dual core" instead of quad core.
YACs sexist world view: