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Bubba: I think it just depends on what you need. If you like all the bells and whistles, Ubuntu is pretty good and reminds of windows 7. If you liked windows XP, then Linux Mint is a good choice. For old computers, a lighter Linux such as Lubuntu or Linux Puppy would be good. They are all somewhat the same with the difference being how many packages get installed upon installation, meaning you could stripe down Ubuntu where it becomes Lubuntu. That is the best thing about Linux is you can add and subtract packages to make it fit your needs.

Other answer:

Depends on your experience with Linux. If you are a pro, then you probably wouldn't be asking this question. For most people Ubuntu should be fine. If you want something that resembles Windows, Linux Mint is pretty close.

I personally used Ubuntu on my HTPC and it ran very smoothly.

In my opinion mint! It's Ubuntu wearing a Windows like skin making it very easy to get around!

If you want a really advanced Linux with every toy imaginable then get ultimate Linux.

Me I find it distracting to have so many programs and features.

Bill P:
There is no best Linux or any best operating systems. They are all different, some offering things that are different to others, some easier if you aren't very technical, etc, etc. The most popular are Ubuntu, Mint, Debian and Fedora but there are about 300 others to choose from! All Linux systems (distros) are described here http://distrowatch.com/ and you can download most of them free from there too.

Read this document first and keep it to refer to when you get fed up with the differences, http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm

For normal home use: UBUNTU