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STRANGE way of asking for what you want, as that doesn't really make sense / can be interpreted many different ways.
If you want to be provided with access to the Internet through an ISP, then it will depend where you live as to which is the cheapest.
But the cheapest way of connecting to the Internet will not provide you with enough bandwidth to do anything useful.
Another person who cannot be bothered to include all the details that are required:

Where do you live?

How fast do you need the service to be? Put another way, how many people will be doing large downloads or streaming HD video at the same time?

What monthly data volume do you require? Large downloads and streaming films will use more data than simply browsing on the web or access emails.

I hope this helps.

Smokies Hiker:
That depends on where you live…and you didn't indicate that, so how can we be expected to help answer your question. Update and give an idea of your location so we know what ISP's are available.
Taco Dance:
We can't answer this. Different companies cover different areas and they have different prices in those areas.
I think reliance.
Rama Krishna: