Where can you download windows vista ISO. I have the key?

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I have the password sticker on my computer but I lost the recovery disc. Are there any website that I can download noncracked version of Vista business?

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Do you have some other operating system on your computer that you are trying to replace with Vista? If not, why don't you do a factory restore? Factory restore will restore your computer back to exactly how it was when it left the factory. It's the same thing as reinstalling it.

If that isn't possible, then I would call your computer's manufacturer technical support (HP, Dell, Acer, etc, whatever you have) and ask them to send you a copy of your Vista software.

If none of the above work, you can go to amazon.com and buy yourself a copy


Smokies Hiker:
Vista is no longer supported by Microsoft, and your computer manufacturer definitely could not provide proper drivers needed for your computer.
Higgy Baby:
Did you google it?

Do you really "need" windows"….or just a good OS?
Try Ubuntu Mate- you will like it better.

Look on Ebay or Amazon for OEM copies…

Though I would suggest you look at Windows 7, not Vista (AKA windows 7 Alpha – not even Beta !)

No legitimate copies are around now. It is no longer supported.
VISTA is no longer available.