Where can I sell my custom gaming computer for more money than it cost me to make it?

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I live in montana.

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DrDzaster: You can advertise the computer locally in places like craigslist or eBay to reach the largest market. You'll need to list all components and the selling price you hope to receive. If you get no results, then you can figure the price may be set too high or the components may be outdated.

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To one of your local acquaintances is your only chance. You can build a system and there are many that do not have a clue.

f you purchased the parts on sale, or discounted. below retail pricing, maybe you do better than break even, or sell with a few dollars in your pocket.

As others have indicated you need to offer more than just your used machine: A limited Warranty, Guaranty and a return option.

Nowhere… Whatever your sent on making a custom machine, someone else can buy the same parts and make one themselves. In cases where people do not build their own machines, you can maybe make $100 to $150 on making a build. However, within a few weeks (a month tops), the hardware starts to drop in price and your "profit" margin will be gone quickly.
To build machines for a "profit", you have to take orders, set a build price which includes your profit, and get the customer to pay up front.
Your computer is now second hand. If you have installed windows 7 on it then it's not going to be worth that much go and have a look at the gaming systems on ebay.com I would advise you to download and install the latest January 2016 free Linux gamers releases on it. web links below for you,,,,

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Depends on how old the components are. Unfortunately, when making a custom machine, the components are outdated almost as soon as you buy them. You can try local craigslist or facebook selling groups.
In addition to Jason's answers, you could try eBay with a reserve in case nobody makes a suitable bid.
what it cost you to build is irrelevant

you will only get what somebody is willing to pay for it

If yours cost more than they can buy a similar one for then you have no chance ESPECIALLY if its a commercially built one.

You want a profit??…get a business license….make a computer to the parts I want in it….give me a warranty…..give me a guaranty…give me a return option….otherwise…..you'r a 12 year old who thinks they are smart….and in reality….that's not gonna happen….