Where can I learn literally ALL of Java Programming without enrolling in college?

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There is no single source, but EddieJ's ever-growing list of links is a good start. There are just too many environments where Java is used to have all of the docs in one place.

For *all* of the standard Java Platform language, tools and libraries, there is one source; it's not on EJ's list:

As you can see, there's a lot of "all" to learn; and there's nothing here about the frameworks used for, say, writing Android apps in Java or dealing with IBM mainframe systems in an enterprise environment.

Here's a catch, though. Knowing all of that will not make you a Java programmer; any more than knowing how to spell every word in the dictionary will make you a writer. You need to become a programmer before any of that knowledge of Java will be useful.

Programming is the process of finding a reasonable solution to a problem. Writing out that solution in the syntax of language A or B is a comparatively minor detail. This is learned by doing, with study for guidance of course, but the study is less important than the doing. Study merely reduces the amount of doing you have to do.

So, if you think you want to become a Java programmer then find a way to learn a little Java and start writing little programs. When you want one of those to do something more involved, pick something you want to do and focus on how to get that done. Learn some more and write some more. My point is that, if you are not writing code more than studying it, you are not learning to become a programmer.

The thing about Java is that its syntax is more or less easy, but to learn all of it you have to learn many, many libaries, and be able to work with them in an object oriented way … it is very difficult, and an ugly language that is on the way out. People use and learn Java because it is a whole industry that people make money off of because it is hard to learn … this is not what programming should be about. Java sucks.

If there was a good way to learn java, then everyone would know what it is too … but their isn't. It is too big and complex, it will take up your whole life.

Elaine M:
You're on the internet and don't understand the use of google for helping you on this?

Or that there's books at the library on how to learn Java?

At a Computer Short Course
You may purchase a printed book on java just in Rs. 220.
Aaron John:
I would say vids books pdfs and stack overflow lol
You'll learn different ways of doing things
Before you try to learn about Java, you should learn about the word "literally".

You can look at these Java tutorials:

youtube, i'm currently learning c++ it's not as hard as you'd think…
youtube, i'm currently learning c++ it's not as hard as you'd think…