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I'm interested in learning C. I searched "C programming language download" on google and it gave me all sorts of links. Does anyone have a trustworthy link on C for me to download?

I'm new to programming so sorry if this is a stupid question

Other answer:

Compilers are dependent on the processor and the OS that they will run on and on the computer/OS that the compiled code will run on. (Most of the time, those are the same, but in some cases you can develop code on one machine/OS type to run on another. Those are usually called "cross-compilers".)

If you have Linux, Unix, or Mac OSX, you already have a C compiler. That's necessary for distributing utility and library updates. Windows needs a download. More on this below.

An integrated development environment (IDE) is nice. That's got a code-aware editor, compiler, build system and debugger combined for easy use.

For C, one of the simplest IDEs to install and use is Code::Blocks, and it's available for most platforms. For Unix/Linux/OSX, it will use the built-in C compiler. For Windows, there's a "bundled" binary download available that adds the MinGW compiler so you get compiler+IDE in one simple install. If you need to run on a school computer where you can't do installs, there's also a version you can just unzip to a flash drive and run from there.


There's also Microsoft's Visual Studio for Windows. That's a huge install, most of it is not C/C++, and it is unfriendly to standard C and C++ programming. It only had built-in templates for C++ (not C) and those use MS-specific Windows-only junk that won't compile on any other compiler; and create projects that won't successfully compile standard code if you paste it in. You can fix that by tweaking each project, but that's a (should be needless) extra step.

Also, while Visual C++ is also a C compiler, the only standard it fully supports is the original ANSI C standard from 1989, with only enough of ISO C/99 to make C++11 work, and nothing from the current ISO C11 standard. That's okay for most tutorials, but you won't be able to use C's variable length arrays in Visual Studio since that's one of the features that MS ignores.

If you get Visual C++ installed and running though, it's a lightning fast compiler with a very good code generator. Most modern Windows WinAPI code is done in C++, not C, and the C++ support is up-to-date.

BUY Visual Studio.
Laurence I:
thefreecountry.com or microsoft have visualstudio community free edition or gnu
Just go to softonic.com or codeplex.com