Where can i download a windows 8 recovery disk?

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So I want to get my computer to work properly and i need to download a recovery disk to do that. I know that you can make your own, but my other computer has win7 and cant make a disk for win8
I dont have any dvd or anything like that. I just need the download link

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Win 8 and 10 doesn't need a recovery disc. It's all built in to the System. On your computer, go to Settings, or Search PC Settings in Win 8 search box. Next Click [Update & Recovery], Next click [Recovery] You now have TWO options.

Option 1 – Refresh PC without affecting the files (This will reinstall your software and keep your files you already created – Click [Get Started] button and follow directions.

Option 2 – Remove everything and reinstall Windows to factory setting – Click [Get started] button and follow instructions. (If you use this option, make sure you save any important files BEFORE reinstalling Window 8.

Hope this helps.

Your Windows 8 DVD should have a recovery mode. Setup your BIOS to boot to the DVD drive, and restart the computer and use the recovery or restore option
Here you don't get a disk when you buy a new computer. Once you get yours working again, make your own disk and then keep it updated. I do that with my Windows 7 Pro and it works well.


Go to the company who made your PC's website (look under the support page) order the recovery DVD's they'll ship it you Fed Ex or UPS for a charge.
You can download direct from Microsoft from here …


Do not use any other source for download. Windows 7 PC can do this correctly.