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Adobe flash is buggy so many security flaws and lags when will it be replaced with better softwares? I know google plans to replace flash on chrome by the end of the year with HTML and have flash turned off by default.
I hope it does die off. I've had lots of problems with adobe flash player and it uses alot of energy to run. I'm glad google doesn't run unity web player and is killing off plugins it makes the web run faster.

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William: Hopefully soon.

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There are no problems with flash on any of my customers computers. Security issues normally occur when people download "updates" from links on rogue web sites. From the official Adobe site it works well. But html5 has a replacement player, which is capable of playing any normal video. The problem is that the two big kids, Microsoft and Apple totally refuse to ratify any agreement over how it is to be implemented unless everyone uses their particular movie format. Despite the fact that neither of them works well over the network, and the Apple Quick Time requires using an added program, defeating the whole purpose of standardisation. They are crying their eyes out and preventing progress.
Next Thursday
It's being dying off for months now.