When my wife is watching netflix in the bedroom & I start surfing the net on the computer, Netflix stops. Is it my wifi or my provider?

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I have an Eero mesh network and Comcast which is "up to" 150 mps

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Netflix will limit how many people are watching at a time, do you have more than 1 screen allowed for Netflix?
Your ISP *usually* is not the problem. It sounds more like you just have an older router which is having a hard time correctly prioritizing the flow of bandwidth in your home. For instance, QOS (Quality Of Service) is a feature found in newer routers to meet the demands of today's typical household e.g. multiple devices trying to stream HD Netflix and Youtube simultaneously. Routers with modern features like QOS are pretty essential for households with multiple up-to-date devices 🙂
TL;DR It is most likely your router.

1: Some ISPs will reduce the upload/download speed of their consumer customers when network traffic is high. They do not always reset it back to your contracted service.

2: WiFi is slower than wired connections. If your Router is not password protected, it may have been compromised with garbage script. This script is NOT a virus but will slow down your network and may even disable it. Usually you can fix this by resetting your router and re-configuring it. In order to reconfigure your router, contact Comcast for the setting. Remember to password protect your router Admin login. Also password protect your WiFi. The more connected devices using your ISP connection the slower uploads and downloads become The 150 mps is divided amongst each connected device. 2 devices gives each device 75 mps maximum. 3 devices gives you 50 mps maximum. You never attain the maximum speed due to losses.

3: Old or damaged cabling can also cause uploads and downloads to drastically slow down. Example: if you have your router connected with an old network cable; 10 mps cable (10BaseT), the maximum speed you can attain with 1 device is 10 mps. 2 devices will cut that in half to 5 mps.

4: Defective Modem/Router or Eero device

Remember Netflix is Streaming which takes a good part of your available bandwidth. If you are just doing basic searches and accessing site with minimal graphics, it should not affect Netflix unless one or more of the above is fact.

Do you still have a router connected in your network. If yes, it should be replaced by an by the Eero start device.

Check with your ISP and have them verify your network speed and test it.

IMPORTANT when using any type of Router and Eero devices:
Make sure your router admin account is password protected with a strong password. Do NOT use the default password. Also password protect your WiFi. Write down the new password and keep it in a safe location.

You may have to use more Eero devices or one of them is defective.


5: Many things affect WiFi signals:
>Walls, Structures, Metal (Steel, Aluminium, Copper, etc), etc
>Electrical Feeds and high wattage devices such as Electric Stoves, Electric Heaters, Electric Water Heaters, Air Conditioners, etc.
> Other Electrical/Electronic devices that can affect WiFi signals: Fans, HiFi and Sound systems, TVs, Monitors, Wireless remotes, Cell Phones, Portable Phones, etc.

If you setup the Eero systems in the summer and it was working fine but now it is winter and you are experiencing this problem, it could be due to the change in power usage especially if you are using Electric Heaters/Furnace.

Check each Eero Device to make sure they all are receiving and sending optimum signals.

Link to Eero Support: https://eero.com/support

Link to Eero's Home page: https://eero.com/technology

could be both. you need a router capable of handling the speeds you need (as long as its not more then five years old you are fine) and you need the bandwidth to handle the tasks. if you have less then 10Mbps a second download consider upgrading to get rid of the issue
Its you not paying for enough bandwidth to handle both simultaneous.