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It's been working fine until today. I was playing a PC game then the PC game froze so I turned off my comp. When I turned off my comp it turned back on then off then on then off. It keeps doing that won't stop and I can't see anything on the monitor.

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The First Thing You Should try is a hard reset where you remove the power then press the power button a few times to clear the Settings then plug up and try to start up again if this doesn't work remove all accessories hold down its power button for 15 seconds to completely discharge the motherboard capacitors that protect its memory
.After you've drained the motherboard capacitors, you can reconnect the power cord. Don't hook up anything else at this point.And try to Start up
If you have a Windows computer, can you get to BIOS? Can you get to Safe Mode? Those might tell if you have working hardware and the basic Windows startup mode.
That is all that can be guessed so far from your information about some "PC".
What are your computer specs? Graphics card, power supply, processor, etc.
Remove the ram sticks and put them back in that will kill the memory resident bomb somebody. Nuked you with!
Is your power on / off button stuck???….