Whats the difference between CD-RW and CD-R?

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Maruf: A CD-R is record once (Compact Disc Recordable)

A CD-RW is rewriteable (Compact Disc ReWriteable)

Other answer:

The RW in CD-RW means rewritable. It disc can be erased and used again. Once written, a CD-R cannot be erased.
RW=ReWritable. Usually with significantly lower burn speed, and a lot more expensive too than regular CD-R. Won't play in early CD players.
RW is read/write
R is read

With RW, you can also create your own CDs. With both of them, you can read CDs.

Afjal Hussain:
CD-RW is a readable and Writable . This type of cd you can write data if you wish you can write one on your own .

CD-R is only readable . you can not write anything on this type of disk .