Whats the best way to delete a compuer virus?

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If you imaged the computer in a clean slate when it was running perfectly to an external drive you can
recover in 5-10 minutes rather than fussing with antivirus software that may or may not work if it works great but if the antivirus software itself was compromised or corrupted I wouldn't trust what it was saying.

Antivirus software is like any other it can have serious issues or bugs in it that can be exploited all it does is eat system resources skilled attackers bypass it.

A good heuristic engine like avast boot time or kaspersky or a Linux based antivirus like commodo!

You can't delete some windows viruses because they are running! A boot time or Linux scan finds them when they are just code on a hard drive and deletes them.

But don't forget to use cleaner to look for scheduled tasks or programs that will redownload the infection

Mmm J:
Define "best".

Depends on the virus. Replacing the computer is most thorough. Assume all your data might be infected, too, so don't worry about back-ups and restoring the data to the new computer.

The best? Destroy your PC.
use an antivirus
use an antivirus