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To find the IP address assigned by your ISP, then (like Bob said) type into Google 'find my ip' and it will show you your internet IP address (or give you a list of websites which will tell you).

If you want the network IP address assigned to your computer on your home network, then at the command prompt, type in 'ipconfig'. The network IP address will be the one displayed across from the 'IPv4' entry.

If you are on Windows, type ipconfig at the command prompt. If you are on Linux (or Unix) type ifconfig at the command prompt. On Android WiFi, click on the current connection to see the IP address. These will tell you the address assigned to the computer.

Next, open an Internet browser and go to


to see your public IP address on the Internet. If this is the same as the address on the computer, then the computer is connected just with a modem but no router.

I hope this helps.

You can search "What's my IP address?" and find a website that will tell you.
You should be very careful for carrying your IP.If it is not possible to keep,you asking this much only.